Antibacterial gel has become a staple in the pantry of Mexican consumers.

The recommendation of the health authorities on the use of this product to prevent contagion as well as the obligatory use of it in many places has significantly increased the demand for this input, which has generated a millionaire business around it.

More hygienic habits

The trend is not strange if we consider that we are facing consumers with greater awareness and concern about hygiene habits.

At least this is indicated in a study signed by Psyma which indicates that 30 percent of consumers will have more hygiene, 17 percent will take better care of their health, 12 percent will be more aware of diseases, 9 percent will value life more and 7 percent will be more prepared for another contingency.

Thus, it is not surprising that, according to estimates provided by Statista, the category related to cleaning habits will generate income from $ 144 million this year, while by 2025 it will skyrocket to $ 195 million.

In the shadow of these figures, a recent alert issued by the United States Administration and Medicines (FDA) in which recommends avoiding the use of 87 hand sanitizing products made in Mexico, due to the presence of methanol in its formula.

More than 8 tens in sight

According to this dependency on the US government, despite the fact that these 86 products claim on their labels to be made with ethanol (ethyl alcohol) they contain methanol, an ingredient that is harmful to health.

The FDA claims that methanol is a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin and can be fatal when ingested.

She claimed to be aware of certain cases in which adults and children have mistakenly ingested antibacterial gel for hands contaminated with methanol, situations that have led to effects such as blindness, hospitalizations and even deaths.

Given these events, the agency recommended that people who have been exposed to contaminated disinfectants and who experience symptoms of poisoning seek immediate medical attention.

With this in mind, among the contaminated products identified by the FDA of Mexican origin, brands stand out Blumen, Klar and Danver, Modesa, The Honeykeeper, Hello Kitty, Assured Instant Hand Sanitizer, Bio AAA, Lumiskin, QualitaMed and Herbacil.

In addition, mention is made of the brands Earths Amenities, Agavespa Skincare, Vidanos, All-Clean, Esk Biochem, Lavar 70, The Good Gel Antibacterial, CleanCare, Saniderm, Unscented, Jaloma Antiseptic and Andy’s.

Finally other firms such as NeoNatural, Plus Advanced, Optimus, Shine and Clean, Selecto, Mystic Shield, Born Basic, Scent Theory, Cavalry, Enliven, Luz Eoi, Bersih, Tropical Solution, Britc, Parabola, Urbane Bath, Rinse, Kleanz, Be Safe, Wave and DAESI.

The full list of products made in Mexico that were flagged by the FDA for apparently containing methanol can be found on its website.

Consumer guarantees

In times when demand seems to exceed supply, especially in these types of products, it is important that consumers are aware of this information, while it is vital for brands to clarify the formula of their offers in order to deliver the best consumer experience and guarantees.

This type of altera has become a constant in products beyond antibacterial gel, which is a point that deserves special attention for a market and company that has great growth opportunities.