15 minutes. Protests against police violence against African Americans in the United States (USA) now show fewer attendees. However, continue to take to the streets in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles and New York, with banners and slogans.

This Thursday, hundreds of people gathered in Seattle (Washington) in front of the state legislature. The banners bore the motto Black Lives Matter. Some activists passed out food to attendees, according to The Seattle Times.

The neighborhood surrounding the state parliament has become the focus of the protests in recent days. Activists forced the police to withdraw on Monday after a weekend of massive protests across the US, which led to riots in Seattle.

From that day on, protesters occupied the area and named it “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”. A place where the Police is prohibited, food is free and documentaries are shown at night, reports The Washington Post.

Showdown between Trump and the mayor of Seatle

That area has attracted the attention of US President Donald Trump, who on Twitter demanded that the Governor of Washington and the Mayor of Seattle, Democrats Jay Inslee and Jenny Durkan, respectively, to “retake” the city. He warned: “If they don’t, I will.”

At night, on Fox, he reiterated his threat and assured that he will not “let Seattle be occupied by anarchists.”

In response, at a press conference, the Seattle mayor warned that “she doesn’t need anyone, including the president, to try to sow more divisions, more mistrust and disinformation.” He also added that “the threat to invade Seattle, divide and incite violence in our city not only is it inappropriate, but it would be illegal

Trump has almost no legal power to deploy federal agents in Seattle. Something that he could do in the US capital, because he has less autonomy than the rest of the country.

Fewer protesters in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles

In Washington D.C. and Los Angeles have reduced the number of attendees to protests against police violence and vigils honoring African-American George Floyd.

The protests have opened up a nationwide debate on police tactics (. / EPA / Jim Lo Scalzo)

In the US capital, there was a Thursday small concentration near the White House, which was attended by a hundred people.

In Los Angeles, there are two protests every day: one at noon in Sherman Oaks, a wealthy suburb to the northwest of the city; and another in the afternoon in the city center.

No organization is leading the protests, which are sometimes taking place developing sporadically.

Bridge Lock in New York

On the other hand, protesters in New York blocked the Holland tunnel, which connects the island of Manhattan with the state of New Jersey, for a few minutes on Thursday, according to CNN.

In addition, around 4 in the afternoon, hundreds of people gathered in Washington Square Park, in downtown Manhattan, where activists starred moments of silence with a fist raised, and other moments in which they shouted in unison “We will win”.

The protests have opened up a nationwide debate over police tactics and have already spread to more than 650 cities in the country’s 50 states.