Anti-Covid vaccines: athletes first, citizens second

The nation’s authorities have only been able to deliver doses to 4% of the prioritized groups.

Photo: Franck Robichon / Getty Images

In the absence of just over two months for the Tokyo Olympics, we begin to have a clearer picture about the delegations that will represent their countries in this event. In Japan they have stated that they will vaccinate all their athletes who will represent the country, but this decision has generated great rejection by Japanese citizens.

According to the president of the organizing committee, Seiko Hashimoto, in the Asian country there is an agreement between Pfizer, BioNTech and the International Olympic Committee (COI). The agreement establishes that Japanese athletes will receive their respective anti-Covid vaccines by the pharmaceutical companies mentioned above. However, the citizens of Japan have shown their dissatisfaction in relation to this type of privilege that athletes will receive before any other Japanese residing in the country.

Hashimoto took these steps in response to the slow immunization process. carried out by the Japanese authorities. “I want to create an environment where athletes do not feel bad or doubtful about being vaccinated (…) the national vaccination campaign is not going with much progress“Said the organizer of the games.

Japanese government with a slow immunization process

As of February 5, Japan began to carry out its population vaccination days. However, this initiative has been very slow. To date, only 4% of the population has been vaccinated in this way. divided into the two priority groups: health workers and adults over 65 years of age.

The Japanese don’t want the Olympics

Although the Organizing Committee does not intend to postpone the games, more than half of the population Japan does not want the event to take place in the country. According to local media, surveys indicate that 70% of Japanese ask to cancel the event due to the pandemic. Even a few days ago a movement called “To protect more lives”, Which has collected around 330,000 signatures against the holding of the Olympic Games.

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