Anti-COVID-19 panic in the Asian Champions League

The Asian Champions The second stage of its final phase begins this Wednesday in Qatar. The format of the competition organized by the AFC divides the tournament into two zones, the west, which has also been played in the Arab country, in Doha (beat the Persepolis of Iran), and the eastern one, which will now play Japanese, Korean, Australian and Chinese teams, among others. Then the winners of each zone will play the final, which will also be played in the Qatari capital.

While the host country of the next world prepares to receive the teams, the Chinese club Beijing Guoan, in which he plays Jonathan Vieira, has left an image to remember. The Spanish team faces FC Seoul Korean in the Qatar Foundation Stadium in Rayán And despite the fact that the AFC has forced all teams to comply with an anti-coronavirus protocol that includes mandatory PCR tests and extreme hygiene measures, the whole of the Chinese capital has gone much further: it left the Beijing airport as if of a team of toilets in a plant with patients with COVID-19 it was. All members of the staff and staff arrived at Doha airport with PPE suits, masks, gloves, screens and protective goggles.

Coronavirus cases in China They have decreased notably since it spread from the city of Wuhan in February, causing a global pandemic. For this reason, Beijing Goan has taken all the trouble to prevent any player from returning from the AFC Champions bubble with a positive. The images of the squad at the airport quickly went viral on social media.