Anthony Smith criticizes McGregor for his excuse of getting injured to fight with Poirier

Anthony Smith criticized Conor McGregor for making excuses after his loss to Dustin Poirier, the Irish fighter lost by TKO (medical strike) in the first round against Poirier in his trilogy match at UFC 264, and afterwards, it has come to light that he had a leg injury ahead of the fight.

On Sirius XM’s Fight Nation show, Smith was asked about reports that McGregor was injured coming into the fight. For Smith, being injured is something all MMA fighters have to deal with, and thinks that is not a valid excuse for McGregor.


“I would say that Conor was no more hurt than Dustin going into that fight.. I’m not saying that Conor didn’t mind his leg or that his shin wasn’t cracked or whatever, but he was no more injured than Dustin Poirier. That’s my perspective from an athlete’s point of viewSmit said.

“It’s easy for a fan or someone who’s never done it to say, ‘Oh, I was injured.’ We all are. Every one of us, every time we fight. There is not a single person who can say that they enter 100% healthy“Said Smith. “So your excuses are very invalid to me. To the general public, it makes sense for people to buy into that excuse, but Conor knows that all of us don’t buy it because we’re also injured. This is how I see it, but he is not pressuring us. It’s the general public, the buyers, the PPV buyers. Those are the people he has to convince, but he knows that he will never convince us«


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