Anthony Santander out at the plate to Urshela to defeat the Yankees

The Venezuelan Anthony Santander showed his bracelet and took out out in it home to Gio Urshela of the Yankees from New York to take victory in the Big leagues.

The Baltimore Orioles right fielder was vital in his organization’s victory against the “Bombers”, who could not with Baltimore’s fair play in the MLB.

Santander, who also homered in the fourth inning to flip the scoreboard against the Yankees, was in charge of closing the game with out in home to Gio Urshela.

The Venezuelan showed the bracelet that is worn in the Big leagues. A line from DJ LeMahieu and a stomp and run from Urshela they ended the game on the Big Show.

Here the video:

If they thought they could run to Anthony Santander, with this out in home to Urshela, it is shown that for the next time they should think better of it.