Anthony Mackie thought he was going to be fired after Avengers: Endgame – Tomatazos

One of the most emotional moments at the end of Avengers: Endgame – 95% is when the old Captain America appears and hands Sam Wilson his shield. It was the way in which the character of Chris Evans retired and literally handed the torch to the new generations. The implications of this legacy is what is being explored in Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97%. The question we ask ourselves every week is who is going to be the new Captain America: John F. Walker, Bucky or Wilson. This scene, at the time, made us all think that Falcon was going to be, as it happens in the comics. Nonetheless, the MCU likes to play up the expectations of comic book readers, so it’s quite possible that things don’t turn out the way we envision them.

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Along these lines, Anthony Mackie revealed something very interesting in an interview for MTV Asia. While we all saw him as the successor to Cap, the actor looked like an actor with no future in the MCU. It sounds strange, but it’s true. The actor, he thought, a little anxiously, “What did I do?” When they asked him to come to a meeting in Los Angeles. What he did not know is that it was to alert him to the existence of the program starring Falcon and Winter Soldier. He lived almost an hour of pure anxiety fueled by the very real fear of losing his job

You never know, man, you never know. They call you and say ‘Come to Los Angeles’. So you instantly go to the internet and Google yourself and say ‘Did I do something to get fired?’ I had no idea. What did I do? What did someone record and what did they say I said? What did I do? I was googling myself for about forty-five minutes and then I was like, ‘Okay, I haven’t done anything, so let’s see exactly how things are going to play out.’

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What it describes Mackie it is a situation with which anyone could easily feel identified; Having your boss tell you that he wants to talk to you is one of those situations that can chill anyone’s blood and fill you with anxiety. Taking into account the aforementioned scene from Avengers: Endgame, you wouldn’t think that Marvel would have planned to retire Falcon. Quite the opposite. Also, so far they have not disappeared or killed any off-screen heroes, the only exception is Chadwick Boseman, but that was literally a greater cause.

After his moment of infinite anxiety, the actor related that all his fears were completely unjustified and the meeting was very good:

It was cool, man. It is always a pleasure to see these guys and when they call you you know that something very special is going to come out of that meeting. So I went to her and I had no idea what could happen, but when they told me it was going to happen, I was very happy.

I reiterate, what they told him is that he and Sebastian Stan were going to record together a series starring their characters. In any case, something that there is no doubt is that the actor has a lot of faith in his program. It should be remembered that in a recent interview for Sirius XM he said that he is sure that if it were a movie they would have swept the box office, to the extent that not even Spider-Man would have been able to compete against them:

There is competition within Marvel … There is competition. […] I just want to see someone do an algorithm or find out if we were in a movie theater how much money we would have made. Because I know it would have been more than [lo que] Tom holland [ha generado] like Spider-Man!

Those are very strong statements from a man who no longer feels like he could lose his job at any moment. In that sense, it would be a plot twist if something happened to his character during the series.

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