Anthony Mackie talks about the new Captain America

The actor ensures that the series addresses who will take Cap’s place in the MCU. Photo: Marvel Studios | Marvel studios

With the imminent arrival of « The Falcon and The Winter Soldier » to Disney +, the actor Anthony Mackie has surprised fans of MCU by sharing a few words about the future of the identity of Captain America in the continuity of this shared universe.

The end of « Avengers Endgame« Would have suggested the possibility that Falcon would take the place of Steve after his retirement, but the same Mackie He has been evasive about offering clear answers on the matter, ensuring that, if any information were to leak before the premiere of the series, he would not be responsible.

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A faction of fans would have suggested before the premiere of “EndgameWhat, to die Steve, would have been Bucky who would receive the shield. Even though Steve’s decision is clearly made, Mackie I would choose to keep fans of the franchise in total suspense.

“No, we don’t know that yet. The program. The idea of ​​the show is basically, you know, at the end of Endgame cap decided that he would retire and asked me to take the listening, but at no time did I accept or say that it would be Captain America« Commented the actor.

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« So the series takes the path of who will take the shield and who will be Captain America yes Steve will not return ». Mackie He also gave some indication of how old he was. Marvel would have even summoned three older actors to play him, although none of them were part of the film.

According to the actor, the idea in the script was to present him as a 95-year-old man who was still attractive, and because none of the actors summoned looked like Chris Evans, they would have chosen to call in the makeup team and age it with the use of prosthetics. There is no release date yet for “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.