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It has been several weeks since Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% launched their last episode to give way to Loki, which premieres next month. However, the rollercoaster of emotions that the series starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan meant has still left several sequels both in the cast and in the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Between Bucky’s pain at his past, Sam’s personal struggle, and the insanity that engulfed John Walker, emotions ran high.

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Something that has been recognized in the series transmitted by Disney Plus is the handling of an issue as important as racism without falling into clichés, and the fact that Steve Rogers gave his shield to Falcon would not be something so simple with which the character would have to deal with. Throughout the series he showed himself as a person who did not feel worthy of wearing that suit, and perhaps part of that also crossed the mind of the actor.

Just as Sam was afraid of how the public would react to a black Captain America, so Mackie had his doubts about the public’s reaction. Nowadays, the fact that such a popular character changes gender or ethnic origin has generated a lot of controversy, however, the way in which they handled it at Marvel Studios, little by little, turned out to be positive, which has surprised Anthony Mackie.

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During an interview with Bounding Into Comics, the actor spoke about how the character has been received by the audience, assuring that he did not expect such a positive response, although there is never a lack of dissatisfaction. Anthony acknowledged that by expecting there to be bad comments it also somehow reflected his thinking that black actors who take the place of a white are always going to be looked down upon.

You think as soon as you take that shield off the white guy, there are a lot of people who are going to say, ‘Oh, you’re going to keep the shield just because you’re a black man, you have the shield now because of that … Why should black have a shield? ‘. […]Which has been interesting, and I was hoping to have those conversations, I was hoping it was an internet buzz, but I haven’t gotten or seen it at all. Like, you know, it’s easy for us to look at the news and see what’s going on and say, ‘All people are bad, the world is going to shit,’ but the reality is that most people are good.

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Something that helped a lot so that Sam was well received in the Captain America costume was that he had already been seen in the comics for the first time in 2014, around the same time as Anthony Mackie debuted as Sam Wilson in Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 89%; this coupled with the place he had with Rogers all this time. Finally, the actor acknowledged that this reception was not only positive for the franchise, since he will have his own solo film, but also for social reality.

A lot of people are really excited about the idea of ​​the Falcon becoming Captain America and what [es bueno] not only in the cinematic universe and the comic universe, but in our true reality. Because it gives the younger generation a different perspective and a different way of seeing the world. And that’s what’s great and that’s what excites me so much.

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