Los angeles lakers (1) and Denver nuggets (3) they will be measured in a passionate Western Conference Finals in which, for various reasons, the Angelenos start as favorites.

In the first place, because the Coloradans do not count on their roster a man capable of stopping Anthony Davis. Surely those in charge of trying to minimize their offensive impact will be Paul Millsap and Jerami Grant, two very good defenders, but with a physique that reaches them to stop ‘La Ceja’.

Thus, with Davis with everything in his favor in the paint and with LeBron in stellar mode, if the triples enter the second unit (Danny Green, Kyle Kuzma, Markieff Morris and company) the Angelenos will continue almost unstoppable.

Thus, being clear that the Lakers are favorites, we cannot rule out at all that the Nuggets are going to fight and of course that they will have a chance to win. To do this, of course, a series of conditions would have to be met (assuming that Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are going to leave as in the rest of the playoffs):

1. Michael Porter Jr.

Porter has made a tremendous leap in quality at the end of the season and must continue to play at a high level. He must contribute a lot in attack in each game, leading the second unit of the Nuggets. Key in your contribution.

2. The Lakers’ difficulty defending Murray

The Nuggets guard has shown against the Jazz and Clippers that he is capable of blowing up great defenses. LA’s perimeter isn’t bad, but it’s not superior defensively to the Clippers, for example. There may be one of the keys to the series.

3. Gary Harris and the defense over LeBron

Gary Harris and the Nuggets outsiders must continue to defend with the same intensity that they are doing on the perimeter for the Nuggets to stop LeBron and Rajon Rondo from creating comfortable play. If they succeed, they can do a lot of damage to Frank Vogel’s.