Anthony Davis comes to the aid of a person who had an accident

Los Angeles forward Lakers, Anthony Davis, came to the aid of his security guard after getting involved in a motorcycle accident, TMZ Sports reported.

TMZ captured some images of the superstar of the Lakers at the scene of the accident on Saturday talking to police officers.

It is not 100 percent certain that the person was actually Davis’ security personnel. However, your quick response to the scene may be an indication that the person involved in the accident was indeed within your circle.

TMZ added that the eight-time All-Star of the NBA He did not look very happy while talking to the officers and it is understandable given that someone close to him has just been involved in an unfortunate accident.

Fortunately, as TMZ reported, the person was in stable condition and was immediately taken to the hospital for medical attention. More importantly, the big boy Lakers he was not involved in the accident at all. It’s also unclear what exactly happened, but the motorcycle was reportedly towed away.

anthony davis nba lakers accident security guard

anthony davis nba lakers accident security guard

Anthony Davis is still recovering from his injury in the calf that has kept it out of the alignment of the Lakers for a month and a half.

He is reportedly stepping up his activities on the court, but does not yet have a clear date of return. Compounding his problems, his partner in crime, LeBron James, also sprained his ankle a couple of weeks ago and will likely be out for three to five more weeks.