Antena 3 presents ‘The challenge’, an “absolute show” with which you will enjoy and suffer

Antenna 3 premieres on Friday January 15 ‘The Challenge’, a program that they define as a « absolute show » in which eight celebrities will put their physical capacities and abilities to the test in endeavors that will take them « to their limit. » The program, produced by 7 y Acción, is inspired by the challenges of Pilar Rubio in ‘El hormiguero’ and will be led by Roberto Leal as presenter.

The contestants of ‘El Desafío’

« It is the program where there is more tension on television in Spain ». With these words, Jorge Salvador, executive producer and co-creator of the format with Pablo Motos, defines ‘The Challenge’. « During the recording of the eight programs of the season we had a really bad time », mentioned the producer in reference to the tests that the eight famous participants will have to complete: David Bustamante, Kira Miró, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Gemma Mengual, Ana Peleteiro, Jorge Brazález, Jorge Sanz and Pablo Puyol.

« Ten or fifteen cars, fire … We were missing a dragon »Roberto Leal joked talking about the filming of the program, recorded in a false direct way due to the pandemic. The show’s team mentioned that it was time for that kind of visually stunning show to come back on television: « Suddenly, on a 2,000-meter set, an entire symphony orchestra enters, a car driven on top of some cables, a parkour circuit … The spectacularity was sought « , Salvador mentioned.

All contestants will face shocking challenges, but only one will be common to all: apnea. Participants will get itchy to see who can last the longest underwater: « Every 30 seconds there was more money they could donate to their NGO. That was the motivation « , mentioned Carmen Ferreiro, director of entertainment programs at Atresmedia. « What I wanted was to see Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada on top of an excavator. That’s how we sold the program « Salvador said with humor.

Not only will they undergo these tests: the presenter himself will be challenged by Arturo Valls. « He told me that he was already a veteran and I was the new one in the chain, so I was going to put myself in my place, » said Leal, who also confessed that he slightly injured his knee during the challenge: « I was a week presenting ‘Pasapalabra’ lame ». Other guests will be Pablo Motos, Pilar Rubio, and there will even be an appearance by the Camela group for one of the musical tests.

Tamara Falcó, Juan del Val and Santiago Segura, jury of ‘The challenge’

A demanding jury and a risk of abandonment

The jury is made up of Santiago Segura, Tamara Falcó and Juan del Val, being the first time as a jury for the last two. A jury that Salvador defended, asked if they did not consider having athletes or physical trainers: « Everything there is is very varied, there is no single profession or discipline that can value everything. Santiago is very acid and ironic, Tamara is hypnotic and will always give a different vision and Juan is devious and knows how to value the effort. « As for Pilar Rubio, the figure who inspired the program, she could not be part of the panel due to her pregnancy , but she will appear as a guest.

According to the mechanics of the contest, the mission of the jury will go through evaluating the contestants and their weekly challenge with eight scores: from one to seven, saving a ten for the best of the week. The judges will also have the call « Injustice button », which they can press (only once each throughout the season) to add or subtract five points from a contestant if they believe that their assessment has been inaccurate by their colleagues.

The tension between contestants and members of the jury will be palpable on more than one occasion: « There have been conflicts. All the contestants have gotten angry with the jury at some time »explained Salvador, who also revealed that the contestants nicknamed Juan del Val as « Juan del Mal ». The producer revealed that, due to pressure and disagreements, there was a contestant who was about to leave the program in the middle« Good thing we signed the contracts before they knew how the program worked, » he joked.

Possible second season

Such is the team’s satisfaction with the production of the show’s first season that they would already be thinking about a possible second season if the audience joined. « Without being broadcast, we have the casting of the second season practically closed »Salvador said. « Although it can also happen that when they see the program they get scared, that there is nothing signed, « he joked.