Antena 3 premieres the second edition of ‘La Voz Senior’ on Thursday, December 10

Antena 3 is already preparing the special programming for Christmas and one of its big bets is the second edition of ‘La Voz Senior’, which will premiere on December 10 in prime time. This time, the coaches will be Pastora Soler, Rosana, Antonio Orozco and David Bustamante, all of them making their debut in this position except Orozco, who already occupied one of the mythical red seats in the first edition together with David Bisbal, Paulina Rubio and Pablo López.

David Bustamante, Pastora Soler, Rosana and Antonio Orozco are the coaches of the second edition of ‘La Voz Senior’

Eva González will continue to be the master of ceremonies for musical talent, whose first edition was won by Helena Bianco from Pablo López’s team. The coaches will have new advisers, who will advise them in the battle phase to help them decide which applicants advance to the final stretch. So, Pitingo will accompany David Bustamante, David DeMaría to Pastora Soler, Cami to Orozco, and Álex Ubago to Rosana.

In the promo that Antena 3 has launched, emotionality prevails with the slogan « This Christmas, more than ever, we need your dreams to come true ». This 2020 has been especially hard for the elderly because they have been one of the groups most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The chain wants to pay them a small tribute by giving back the illusion to some of them making them fulfill their dream of singing on a big stage.

End of ‘La Voz 2020’

The premiere of the second edition of ‘La Voz Senior’ will arrive a week after the final of ‘La Voz 2020’, also presented by Eva González and which has generally garnered good audiences throughout the edition. He started leading on Friday night, winning the battle to ‘My house is yours’ on Telecinco, but he could not against ‘Cantora: the poisoned inheritance’, the specials on Paquirri’s inheritance and Isabel Pantoja’s open war against Kiko Rivera.