The coronavirus crisis continues to dominate the current news. Since the new normal began and the country’s borders were opened, the evolution of the Covid-19, the continuous outbreaks and the search for the vaccine have been the most prominent topics on television in the last month. In this context, Antena 3 continues to be the channel with the most informative monitoring in the month of July 2020. ‘Antena 3 noticias’ is once again the leader, for the seventh consecutive month in the weighting of the desktop and night editions, as pointed out in the Barlovento Comunicación report. The desktop edition closes the month by straining its edition up to 18 times among July’s 20 most viewed broadcasts. Its most viewed delivery was the one issued on July 28 with a 19.4% share and 2,403,000.

Sandra Golpe, presenter of ‘Antena 3 noticias 1’

‘Antena 3 news’ leads with 16.8% and 1,831,000 viewers on average, losing -0.1 points compared to June. It maintains its difference with ‘Informativos Telecinco’, but also loses -0.1 points and achieves 16.1% and 1,758,000 viewers. After its downward trend, the ‘Newscast’ of La 1 repeats the same data from the previous month, 18.8%, and brings together 892,000 viewers. On the other hand, ‘laSexta noticias’ is the only informational space that grows, +0.2 and 892,000 viewers.

If we analyze the informational spaces by stripes, ‘Antena 3 noticias 1’ continues to lead on the table from Monday to Friday with Sandra Golpe in charge, temporarily replaced since July 20 by Ángel Carreira. The first edition of the Antena 3 newsletter scores an average of 18.8% share and 2,226,000 viewers, making it the most viewed content on the small screen, rising as the most followed newsletter for the fourth consecutive month and adding 30 months unbeatable as the most viewed edition of the desktop. ‘Informativos Telecinco 15:00’ is the second option, but it shortens distances with 16% (+0.2) and achieves its best viewer data since 2006 with 1,901,000. On the other hand, ‘Telediario 1’ loses -4 points (10.5%) below the screen share of ‘laSexta noticias 14h’, which is up 0.3 points, but with fewer viewers than La 1, 1,154,000 .

Daily Newsletter July 2020

Telecinco, leader at night and on weekends

Although Antena 3 manages to lead the month in the weighting of the desktop and night editions, Telecinco remains strong and outperforms the competition both on Monday to Friday nights and in its two weekend editions. The desktop and afternoon editions of Monday to Sunday of ‘Informativos Telecinco’ have recorded their highest historical record of viewers in a month of July in the last 20 years, with almost 1.8 million and 16%. The Pedro Piqueras edition continues to maintain its leadership with 10 consecutive victories in July among commercial chains with an average of 1,726,000 million and 16.6%, -0,4 points less. ‘Antena 3 noticias 2’ is positioned in second place with 16.1% and 1,674,000, rising +0.2 points, achieving its best month of share since February 2009.

Regarding the editions of Saturday and Sunday, ‘Telecinco Weekend News’ continues to lead the competition with José Ribagorda and Ángeles Blanco in front. The edition of the 15 hours achieves 16.4% and 1,733,000 million, +0.1 points, his best record of the last 15 years in a month of July. The same is the case with the 9 pm edition, with its July edition most viewed since 2008 with an average of 14.9% and 1,456,000 million, -0.1 points. While ‘Antena 3 news 1 weekend’ achieved 15.7% and 1,667,000, scoring its best figure in July since 2013 and growing + 0.4 points compared to June. Finally, ‘Antena 3 news 2 weekend’ scores 12.1% and 1,189,000 viewers, -0.1 points.