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Another who stays? Luis Suárez’s reason for rejecting Juventus

Jenny Gamez

September 15, 2020, 12:45 p.m.

The Uruguayan would have decided not to make more efforts to emigrate to Italy.

Striker Luis Suárez would have decided not to leave FC Barcelona, ​​at least not for now.

As reported by RAC1, the Uruguayan would have informed Juventus that he will not be able to join the squad as he did not achieve Italian nationality before October 6, for the closing of the summer market.

The delay in the process will prevent the player from playing in the Champions League, an important motivation for the player.

Others more incredulous believe that probably the option of Suárez in the same dressing room as Cristiano Ronaldo was not as simple as thought and that for Juventus the signing was high.

The version says that now Suárez would analyze other offers that he would have on the table when confirming the impossibility of going to Juventus. There is talk of Arab football and even the Ajax of Holland or Inter Miami of the MLS, all unofficial versions.

The truth is that the attacker has a contract until 2021 at FC Barcelona and, in the absence of a surprise, he would continue with his friend Messi. The difference is that DT Koeman would have officially informed him that he does not have him and that the arrival of Depay, which would be almost certain, would give him very few playing options.