The greatest consequence of the pandemic will be economic. Not only is it estimated that, worldwide, production equivalent to six trillion dollars will be lost. At the same time, in countries like Mexico, the bankruptcy of millions of companies will be registered, as well as the dismissal of the same. Even for people who can keep their pay, the situation will be complex. It is not for nothing that so many people fear the financial crisis that lies ahead.

In this sense, many people will have to use all their monetary capacity just to be able to overcome the years to come. Unfortunately, there are people whose income, even if they are fortunate to be constant, may not be enough. And in the face of such a severe economic crisis, there are many who cannot afford to apply for conventional loans. There are people for whom the best solution would be only a small advance of their salary, and thus continue.

Another platform to advance your salary

There are already several projects that allow almost everyone to obtain, in one way or another, an advance on their payroll. And now Ixhua joins this group of financial companies. Like its rivals, it also allows people to earn a fraction of their next salary to deal with some unforeseen events. In exchange, people must pay a small commission for the loan. However, it does have some advantages over other sites.

Contrary to other platforms, people do not need your company to have an explicit agreement with this site. As individuals, they can apply for a raise when they need it most. Sure, if there is an agreement with the employers and this financial institution, they can get some additional benefits. For example, a pre-authorization for all movements, as well as obtaining the deposit in less than 12 hours.

Likewise, it has a fixed commission of 49 pesos plus VAT, regardless of the amount of salary requested. The only limitation is that you can only request up to 25 percent of the payroll. However, as part of the project’s philosophy of social responsibility, a part of the profits goes to foundations in the areas of education, health and culture. Thus, it is an ideal option to survive the economic crisis that affects Mexico.