‘Another round’ – What a life, what a beautiful and beautiful life!

When talking about cinema, about a movie in its most physical concept, the fraction of its parts has different importance for each person. There are people who value the “opening” the most, people who highly value the script and people who feel that the performances are the most important part of a film. One of those parts that is perhaps the one that generates the most consensus in terms of relevance is the epilogue, the final sequence of a work. Well, there are times, very special occasions, where the movie stars align themselves and, to a film that was already magnificent in itself, an absolutely wonderful ending is added. That’s what happens in ‘Another round’, the latest genius that the Danish Thomas Vinterberg has achieved.

It is a divan film, because it speaks from a categorically analytical prism about alcohol and its social aspects. It’s like a doctoral thesis seasoned with a comedy with a conventional but tremendously effective form: it will always work to see someone drunk at the movies. You could even qualify the film as an event, because it dares to be serious with a theme buried in grace. Vinterberg, in an absolute cession of his shame to art, shows that he took Homer Simpson very seriously when he said in that chapter of The Simpsons on Prohibition that of “For alcohol, cause and solution, of all life problems!”.

It’s so easy to commit to something this complex when you have an actor like Mads Mikkelsen in your cast. In their second job together after that tremendous movie that was ‘The hunt’ in 2012, Mikkelsen signed a deep work of nuances, of corporal and verbal control and especially of frenzy when the script demands it. His friends, professors in fiction, outline the plot from their personal edges and supply the story with funny gags, dramatic moments and narrative transition between them, but it is Mads who accepts the responsibility of expressing a dual character due to the intoxication of his state , emerging triumphant from its catharsis. Too bad the Oscars didn’t remember him.

Money could be wagered that ‘Another round’ It will be a movie that will be talked about for a long time because of what it symbolizes its end. That closure is a total liberation of the protagonist after a period of emotional captivity, something that is easily comparable to the desire that this world has to get out of the sanitary prison in which the coronavirus has caged the planet. It is impossible that you do not see the movie, hear that “What a Life” by Scarlet Pleasure that already sweetened the trailer of the film and not feel like life crashes against your currently restricted soul with the momentum of a wave. Go to the cinema and enjoy the film, but above all marvel at its ending, because the cinema is magical for endings like those of ‘Another round’.