‘Another Round’: Leonardo DiCaprio wants to remake the Oscar winner

It is clear that Americans have a great affinity for remakes, not only of their most emblematic films, but also looking beyond their borders. There have been many examples of European successes to which a Hollywood star has interested for a remake. Without going any further, here Tom Cruise took Alejandro Amenábar’s film ‘Abre los ojos’ to his country to make ‘Vanilla Sky’. The same happened more recently with the French hit ‘Untouchable’ and the Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman remake, to give a few examples. And history seems to repeat itself now with ‘Another Round’ and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The news comes shortly after the triumph of Thomas Vinterberg’s film at the Oscars, after winning the statuette for Best International Film and delivering the most moving speech of the gala. Deadline has now confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way, has seized the rights to the most successful European film of the year to make a remake in the United States. So DiCaprio could take over from Mads Mikkelsen to play that middle-aged crisis-ridden high school teacher who decides, along with his group of friends, to do a sociological experiment by delving into an alcoholic and highly hedonistic feast, a role that, by the way, it goes to the hair.

The project will be produced by Appian Way in conjunction with Makeready and Endeavor Content. They are made with it after a long auction organized by representatives of Vinterberg that took place during the last two weeks, before the Oscars ceremony. There were many producers who wanted to acquire the project, but finally it was DiCaprio’s the one that bid the highest and a remake will be made with Vinterberg exercising the duties of executive production. The cast, and who will be in charge of directing and adapting the story, remains to be determined.

Highly demanded

It is not known what figures we are talking about, but Vinterberg and company will have been rubbing their hands over what was to come. Sources close to the project affirm that there was a lot of demand, so much so that they bid for it production companies as important as Studiocanal together with The Picture Company, Nine Stories (producer of Jake Gyllenhaal) and Universal. In the end, the treasure went to DiCaprio and it will be interesting to see what kind of approach Americans take to alcohol consumption and the theses of the renowned psychiatrist on which the characters are based. It remains to be seen if they will dare to maintain the same nihilistic vision that the Danes gave in the film.