Intrigue, drama, religion, crime … They are some of the ingredients of ‘The name of the rose‘, an 8-episode miniseries based on the famous eponymous novel by Umberto Eco premiered this Thursday, April 9, La 1. A trip to a remote abbey in the Middle Ages with William de Baskerville, a monk who will endanger his life while investigating mysterious deaths …

John Turturro, Rupert Everett, Damian Hardung and Michael Emerson lead the international cast of this production directed by Giacomo Battiato.

What is the series about?

In 1327, a brilliant British Franciscan friar, William de Baskerville (John Turturro), was sent by the Emperor of Rome to an isolated abbey in northern Italy to attend an essential and dramatic summit. There is a tough confrontation between the Emperor and the Pope that reflects the fierce ideological war in the Christian religion: does the Church need to be poor, to imitate the life of Christ ?; Or do you need wealth and power to reign over the western world?

William goes to a noble and enthusiastic teenager, Adso (Damian Hardung), who aspires to become a monk even though his family wants him to be a soldier. As soon as the two arrive at the abbey they enter a terrifying and unexpected world.

The abbey conceals the largest library of medieval times; an immense maze of traps, ambushes in secret areas, and inaccessible passageways. As William and Adso discover that there is a twisted assassin working in this gated community, the Abbot (Michael Emerson) asks William to investigate and help him catch the assassin before the summit.

William and Adso will cross the forbidden doors of the library and enter a labyrinth where they will put their sanity and life at risk. During the seven days and seven nights that they will spend in that cursed place there will be murders, ghosts and deep mysteries. With the serial killer still on the loose, they face a race against the clock to stop the murders and save the abbey.

Chapter 1

William de Baskerville and Adso set out on the journey to the remote monastery, where they arrive just as the body of one of the monks is found. Although initially considered a suicide, suspicions will arise soon after when a second body is discovered.

Episode 2

With the Pope’s delegation on their way to the abbey, William and Adso investigate the mysterious deaths and deduce that they are looking for a serial killer. They find a clue that leads them to the sinister library and devise a plan to storm the maze.