At this point in the film, no one knows when the NBA will return, if in 1 month, 2 or 3. The United States is the country that is suffering the most right now with the crisis of the coronavirus and that makes the return of sports competitions and the rest of activities that would indicate the return to a normal life look quite distant.

Overall, due to the increase in cases, analysts are currently extremely pessimistic about a league comeback at half-place. This is what the league thinks today according to Adrian Wojnarowski:

“There is still hope around the league and there is a whole series of plans, contingencies and ideas that come from the league offices, teams, managers, sports scientists, league doctors and from the Players Association.

But there is also a great level of realism that is starting to get more and more serious, indicating that it will be very difficult to resume again this season, since it is clear that there are no dates for some of the remaining games to be played. regular season that they could crown a legitimate champion, with a playoff structure, that would be enough for the champion not to put an asterisk, that is what is sought today. They know they are fighting the clock right now and there are many doubts in the NBA today about whether it will be possible to return or not. “

The idea of ​​playing the remainder of the regular season is completely ruled out. Now what they are considering are possible playoff scenarios, in which they would even be contemplating dropping from 16 to 12 or even to 8 teams (there is a lot of talk about a closed tournament in Las Vegas). We will see what ends up happening, but things are not looking good at the moment.