Another member of the Oath Keepers militia pleaded guilty to robbery of the Capitol

15 minutes. A third member of the far-right militia Oath Keepers pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges related to the Jan.6 assault on the Capitol and will cooperate with prosecutors.

Caleb Berry, 20, pleaded guilty in a Washington court hearing to the charges of conspiracy and obstruction of congressional proceedings.

The assault took place when the two houses were holding a joint session to ratify Joe Biden’s victory in the elections.

Berry’s acknowledged guilt and the cooperative agreement are a major achievement for prosecutors.

Prosecutors continue behind the far-right groups that planned the day of violence experienced in the Capitol.

They have already secured the cooperation of two other members of the militia, although about 20 members of the group have been charged.

As part of his guilty plea, Berry could face between 4 and 5 years in prison.

If he proves helpful to prosecutors, he could get a much lighter penalty, since he has no criminal record.

American judges often show compassion to first-time offenders.

Militia member Oath Keepers also agreed to pay a fine of US $ 2,000 (about 1,700 euros) to repair the damage to the Capitol, according to CNN television.

So far, 3 people have been convicted for their role in the assault on the Capitol.

20 have already pleaded guilty and await a ruling.

The US Justice sentenced on Monday to 8 months in prison one of the supporters of former President Donald Trump who participated in the incident, which is the first sentence imposed on a participant in the event.

Specifically, Paul Allard Hodkings pleaded guilty to one count of obstruction of official procedure.

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol as Congress was holding a joint session to ratify Joe Biden’s victory in the November 3 presidential election.

Former President Trump repeatedly rejected the election result, stating that a “fraud” had occurred, although without providing evidence in this regard.

The incident left 5 dead.

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