Alberto de Mónaco with his wife and children (.)

In addition to the four recognized biological children he has – two from his marriage to his wife and two from previous relationships – Prince Albert of Monaco may have another heir to his immense fortune. It is that a Brazilian woman claims that she has a daughter as a result of a relationship with the prince and is willing to go to court to get him to recognize her.

The woman in question, who wants to protect her identity, claims that she had a relationship with the prince in 2004, from which his daughter was the fruit. Therefore, it has presented a paternity suit in a Milan court and asks the prince to undergo a DNA test, something he has refused for years.

According to the French portal specialized in monarchies Histoires Royales, the woman, identified as Maria S., and her daughter, have lived in Italy for years, and therefore the trial will be held in that country. The applicant claims that she met Alberto de Mónaco in a trip that the prince made to Brazil, and that they maintained a relationship in which he got to invite her to travel to Europe. After becoming pregnant and giving birth to her daughter, she sent photographs of the girl to the prince, who cut off all communication with her after the news.

The lawyer for Maria S, called – casually – Erich Grimaldi, the same surname that the princely family of Monaco has, has explained to the French website that they prefer not to go to trial, despite having this date indicated. “My client wants to remain anonymous because he fears negative consequences if his identity is known. The trial date has been set for February 2021.. However, we hope to reach an agreement sooner, because to protect my client’s daughter we must avoid a lawsuit, ”the lawyer said in statements to the publication.

“This process seems unnecessary to me if the matter can be resolved with a rapid DNA test. Now we have gone to Court after having tried, unsuccessfully, to reach a friendly settlement, « added the Italian lawyer.

The prince is already aware of the situation and the Italian authorities have contacted him to record the demand. However, Alberto de Mónaco chose not to speak publicly on the subject.

Alberto is also the father of Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, born in 1992 in California as a result of a relationship in 1991 with the American Tamara Rotolo, with whom she had a summer adventure, on the French Riviera, just over twenty years ago. A piece of news that his wife was not too happy about, Charlene, with whom he has two twin children, the princes Jacques and Gabriella, 5 years. Father and daughter maintain a fluid relationship and he recognized her in 2006.

Alberto de Monaco with his daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi (@jazmingrimaldi)

In April 2005, the French magazine Paris Match published a ten-page interview with Nicole Coste, a former Air France stewardess from Togo, who claimed to be the mother of Alexandre Éric Stéphane, a secret son of Albert of Monaco, born in 2003 and who is 16 years old today. Although the prince became financially responsible for his son, his legal recognition did not come, so Coste decided to make his situation public and the prince had no choice but to admit his paternity.

As it was a boy, Casa Grimaldi had to hurry to clarify that the existence of the boy would not have any impact on the future of the dynasty, since children outside of marriage do not appear in the line of succession.

Alberto maintains a fluid relationship with his older children today and they see each other on important occasions. Although both enjoy the economic and educational benefits of the principality and will inherit the corresponding fortune, neither of them will be able to access the line of succession to the throne, since the Monegasque law excludes them from such a privilege.

Prince Albert II of Monaco, his wife, Princess Charlene, and their children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, on a balcony during the traditional procession of Sainte Devote, in Monaco. January 27, 2020. (.)

Albert II of Monaco is the current sovereign prince of Monaco, succeeding his father Raniero III, who served from April 12, 1950 until his death on April 6, 2005. Known for his long history of love with celebrities like Brooke Shields and Claudia Schiffer, Grace Kelly’s son He married South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock in July 2011. Three years later, the couple announced the expected pregnancy that would continue the legacy. Twins Jacques and Gabriella were born in December 2014. The boy, although born after his sister, is the heir to the famous principality.


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