Another gunman and woman arrested in Washington armored facility

It has not been confirmed that any of the detainees had a clear intention to provoke new episodes of violence in the capital or that they were radical supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump.

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Washington.- The authorities of Washington DC arrested a woman posing as a police officer this weekend and a second armed man near to Capitol, after having stopped this Friday to another, who assured that he had been lost.

The newspaper Washington Post reported this Sunday of the two new arrests in the center of the US capital, turned into a armored fortress faced with the risk of new armed attacks in the days prior to the investment Wednesday of the president-elect of the USA, Joe biden.

However, for now it has not been confirmed that any of the three detainees had a clear intention of causing new episodes of violence in the capital or that they were followers radicals of the outgoing president Donald trump, like those who stormed the Capitol on day 6.

The last man stopped, identified as Guy Berry, was carrying a Glock 22 pistol, three high-capacity magazines and 37 bullets of unregistered ammunition, according to the Police of Washington, says the Post.

Berry was strolling early Sunday morning down Massachusetts Avenue, less than a mile (1.2 kilometers) from the Capitol, with his pistol « clearly visible » in a holster, according to police.

In the District of Columbia, where it is located Washingtonit is forbidden to carry weapons in public if they are not concealed; and Berry was arrested for carrying an unlicensed pistol, possessing high-capacity magazines and having unregistered ammunition.


The day before, on Saturday morning, a woman was detained at one of the access points to the wide fenced perimeter that covers the entire center of Washington, in your case, very close to the Capitol.

The woman, who has not been identified, said she was a security agent and presented officers with a pocket medallion that sometimes belongs to military commanders.

The suspect tried to drive away in her vehicle when she saw that the Capitol She did not believe her story, but she was arrested and charged with impersonating a police or security officer, for not obeying a law enforcement officer, and for fleeing from him.

The two new arrests are in addition to that of another man, Wesley Allen Beeler, whom police accused of trying to enter the fenced perimeter of downtown on Friday. Washington with at least one gun and more than 500 bullets.

However, Beeler assured this Saturday Washington Post that only approached the checkpoint located near the Capitol because he had gotten lost in the capital, where he had come from Virginia to work as a security agent for a private company during the investment.

« It was an innocent mistake, » said Beeler, adding that he does have a license to carry weapons, but he had forgotten it at home, and that it is not true that he had more than 500 bullets in the car, as stated by the police.

Washington and the capitals of the 50 states of the country were on high alert this weekend, after a newsletter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicated that it had information on « armed protests » planned throughout the nation between this Saturday and on Wednesday 20.