Another Google application has just reached 1,000 million downloads, and they are already going …

Google Translate has already been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

The truth is that of all the apps that exist for Android, Google’s are the favorites of the vast majority of mobile phone users. Essential tools such as Gmail, Google Chrome, YouTube or Google Maps are essential services for both Android and iOS users and is that in addition to being really useful, they are totally free.

In this vein, it is clear that Google applications add spectacular amounts of downloads and many of them exceed the barrier of 1,000 million, a figure that not every app can boast. Now, another Google app joins the list and it is well deserved.

Google Translate exceeds 1 billion downloads

The Google translator is an indispensable tool.

Thanks to technology, the language barrier is practically non-existent and much of the blame lies with tools such as Google Translate, possibly the most popular application when it comes to translating languages. This tool has just achieved a great milestone, that of reaching 1,000 million downloads in the Play Store alone and that has its merit.

Why? Because Google Translate is downloaded less and less since today it is integrated into other applications of the Google ecosystem like Lens, the Chrome browser and even the Google Assistant itself.

And yes, there are alternatives to the Google app such as the Microsoft translator and many others, but none can overshadow the Google app. What’s more, while the Big G tool rubs shoulders with the biggest with over a billion downloads, Microsofot’s barely reaches 50 million downloads in the Mountain View guys’ app store.

Remember that Google Translate It can be downloaded completely free of charge from the Play Store itself. Do it now!

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