Another ex-girlfriend is willing to sue him for violence – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – .

Things continue to complicate for Eleazar Gómez, an actor who is in jail accused of having beaten his girlfriend Stephanie Valenzuela, last November.

Now another of his ex-partners, the model Elia Ezrré, says she is willing to sue him for violence or, failing that, support the other complainants so that Eleazar Gómez finally responds to the law for his attacks on women.

A few weeks ago, Elia Ezrré revealed that in 2017, when she was the girlfriend of Zoraida Gómez’s brother, he subjected her to beatings and psychological violence, even in public places, forcing her to escape from the house they shared without her belongings.

Elia Ezrré: I “would also proceed legally with a lawsuit” against Eleazar Gómez
In a recent interview with ‘Ventaneando’, the model said she was willing to declare if she was cited in the process that the actor is currently facing for the crime of family violence.

“Yes, I am willing to testify and witness ‘Tefi'”

On the possibility that she herself may sue the actor for the attacks she claims to have suffered when they were in a relationship, Elia Ezrré said that due to the time that had elapsed, her complaint would possibly not proceed, but otherwise, it would.

“If my testimony still proceeds, knowing that it was years ago, I would testify in favor of ‘Tefi’ and I would also proceed legally with a lawsuit … In case I can, I will, but I don’t know if my case proceeds because it has already years ago … it got a little more complicated for me, not like Jeanette, that was also recent “
Elia Ezrré, Eleazar Gómez’s ex-girlfriend
“There can be no more victims” by Eleazar Gómez
Elia said that she would be more motivated to proceed legally against Eleazar Gómez if she sees that the demands of Stephanie Valenzuela and Jeanette Karam, another ex-girlfriend of the actor, do not proceed satisfactorily, because she does not want victims to continue adding to the list of the also model .

“There can be no more victims, with one era is enough and we are not one, we are too many. Those of us who speak are like four and those who have not spoken are more, so I think I would [demandar al actor]”

Source: SDP