Another Dash is coming to Nintendo Switch this year

In 1995, a group of former Capcom employees founded Arika, a small company whose first games were the unjustly forgotten Street Fighter EX 1,2 and 3. Since then they have been working on little projects here and there, some quite famous, but surely It is not a Japanese company that many of you have in mind, despite the fact that they have just turned 25 years old. But, what if I told you that Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35 are his? Surely most of you have those games downloaded and you didn’t even know who made them. And although they are good games, they are not fighting games, which is the genre that the company carries within. In 2018, they released Fighting EX Layer for Playstation 4 and PC, an original fighting title that, without being the most famous on the competitive scene, was surprisingly good and got quite a lot of fans, among other things thanks to its online based on rollback netcode. Today we wake up to the good news that the game will receive a new title under the name of EX Layer: Another Dash Y coming to Nintendo Switch this year exclusively, at least for now.

Cakes with Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash on Nintendo Switch before the end of the year

Okay, maybe Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash might not be the prettiest game in the history of pancake games, but it mechanically supplies it. And speaking of mechanics in this new installment, the dash and gougis have been replaced with new actions such as EX-Dash, EX-Arrow, and EX-Illusion, as well as many of the movements of the characters have been revised. Another novelty is that they are testing a new type of netcode other than rollback and that after launch they plan to combine the best of each netcode into a new one. Will it be the final one?

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Unfortunately we don’t know anything more about Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash, but they have promised that we will have new news on April 1. Hopefully this is not an early April 1 joke.