A couple of days ago it was reported about the unexpected decision of the actress, who was starring in the successful series that had just finished its first season. With an uncertain future and plenty of extra work to look for his replacement, the ‘Batwoman’ producer talks about Ruby Rose’s departure and if this is a nuisance to him and his team.

At the moment the true reasons for the actress to suddenly leave the show are still unknown, but we must take into account the criticism of the fans, who were upset at having chosen a lesbian actress as the protagonist, making Kate Kane the first superhero with a series of his own that has these preferences. Due to the attacks, Rose found herself in need of delete your Twitter account, for which she had to go through several difficult moments, such as the time she had an accident on set, which led her to perform fewer stunts.

Having an actress on the set who is not happy with her job must have been difficult for everyone, perhaps this is why the production team has taken it so well. Producer of ‘Batwoman’ talks about the departure of Ruby Rose and far from being upset he takes it as a incredible opportunity to grow the show.

“I was talking to one of the Batwoman writers the other day, and we were saying how this is a great creative opportunity. I think there will be people who will go to the show, frankly, just to see how the writers choose to handle this. I’m a big believer that every time you face a production challenge, and sometimes it’s in the cast, while sometimes it’s just logistics, in that challenge, you find a creative opportunity. I was talking about it with Beth Schwartz the other day. We were talking about how, once production returns after the pandemic, how are we going to work with all these different limitations? And it is exactly the same, which is that, in those limitations and in those challenges, there is the opportunity to do something new and different, and find a smart creative solution. That, for me, is the fun part of the job, ”Marc Guggenheim told Collider.

With ‘Arrow’ finished and spin-off on the way as the story of Oliver Queen’s daughter, the future series of ‘Superman & Lois’, added to the pandemic that keeps all cinema on television out of recording sets The Arrowverse feels somewhat incomplete, but it is nice to know that in the middle of a storm There are those who still want to give their best.