Announcing the purchase of four thousand vaccines as a success is disrespectful, says infectologist

Associations that bring together merchants from the border with Argentina held various meetings with authorities of the Ministry of Finance, in order to agree on a proposal for the payment of subsidies to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

After talking about this issue over the last few weeks, an agreement was finally reached to make certain adjustments to the payment method, in order to respect the availability of government resources.

In this sense, it was agreed that merchants registered in the Single Taxpayer Registry (RUC) will receive a payment of 50% of the Legal Minimum Wage in Force, while informal workers will receive the sum of G. 500,000.

The amount of payments to be made is subject to financial availability and the final number of beneficiaries who meet the requirements, as indicated by the Ministry of Finance.

Regarding the financing of this subsidy plan, it was defined that the remaining balance of the Pytyvõ 2.0 Program can be redirected, in order to ensure that the resources can be obtained directly.

Workers and merchants must reside in the cities of Encarnación, Alberdi, Puerto Falcón, Nanawa, Ayolas, Pilar, Paso de Patria, Humaitá, Cerrito, General Díaz, Mayor Martínez, Villa Oliva, Villa Franca, Natalio, Mayor Otaño and San Rafael from Paraná in order to receive the benefit.

As in the previous economic assistance programs promoted during the pandemic, public officials or employees of public entities, workers who contribute to IPS, beneficiaries of programs such as Tekoporâ or Seniors, or those who receive non-pensions cannot State tax.

The subsidy will be materialized through efficient mechanisms in terms of targeting criteria, records of potential beneficiaries, as well as the modalities for granting the benefit, aiming to replicate the Pytyvõ Program model.

The new proposal agreed between both sectors will be sent to the National Congress for its respective study.

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