Announcement of the remake of “Diablo II” rumored for Blizzcon 2021

Diablo II, remake could arrive soon | Blizzard

A Twitter user with a history of rumor leaks of Blizzard Entertainment announced that a new version of « Diablo II » will be revealed at the event Blizzcon 2021 of this year.

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Blizzcon is an annual event organized by Blizzard Entertainment to promote existing and future video games. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 ongoing, Blizzcon is an online-only event this year, with a series of lectures scheduled to air on various streaming platforms.

Twitter user Kaiser499 leaked the news amid a series of other revelations, including an expansion for the card-based strategy game « Hearthstone » and a release date for the next free RPG title « Diablo: Immortal ».

The anonymous leaker previously announced « Diablo IV » and « Overwatch 2 » before the event Blizzcon 2019, which means that this subsequent leak is likely to be true.

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Released at the turn of the millennium, « Diablo II » is a hack-and-slash action-role-playing game that released on Windows and MAC OS. When it debuted, the game sold over 184,000 units in a single day and has since sold over 4 million copies worldwide.