Announces Reason Why You Could Lose Economic Aid Due To Coronavirus President Trump Announced He Would Send Checks To The Population As Aid To Deal With The Situation Although Not All People Will Receive The Economic Stimulus

They announce a reason why people could lose the financial aid check announced by Trump as support during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Trump administration established that it would provide an economic stimulus to citizens as a way to counter the impact of Covid-19 on the labor and family economy.

However, there is a reason that your check may be held. If a person owes money from their children’s alimony, then their help could be at risk.

As of April 13, some 60 million taxpayers are expected to begin receiving their checks.

This varies according to the information provided to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

In principle, electronic payments would be issued with registered bank information, so that it can reach people as a tax refund.

Later, until the end of this month, paper checks will begin to be sent to those who have not registered bank information, the NY newspaper reported.

Can they withhold my coronavirus financial aid check?

Yes, there is a possibility that the money may not reach the person’s hands if they have failed to pay child support.

Currently, there are 3.3 million parents who have not met their obligation to pay quotas on time, according to Census information.

Under this situation, the United States Treasury Department would be processing with each entity where that money would go.

So local authorities are sharing information with the federal government to find those who have not canceled and thus be able to penalize them.

They may even send the beneficiary’s check to the custodian of the children.

But there are cases, as in Puerto Rico, where this has not been defined.

At the moment, this entity has not decided whether to deduct the alimony debt from the father’s financial aid quota.

It is important to remember that, according to the IRS, the following would be eligible: “Taxpayers with adjusted gross income of up to $ 75,000 for individuals and up to $ 150,000 for married couples who file joint returns.”

Furthermore, “for filers with incomes above these amounts, the amount of the payment is reduced by $ 5 for every $ 100 above the thresholds of $ 75,000 / $ 150,000.”

They would also be giving representatives $ 500 for each child.

Announce Reason You Might Lose Coronavirus Financial Aid Check. Photo: GettyImages