Annihilation Saga 02 Comic Review: Nova and Silver Stela

Cover image of the comic Annihilation Saga 02: Nova and Silver Stela

Original edition: Annihilation: Nova 1-4 and Annihilation: Silver Surfer 1-4
Departure date: 11 mar. 2021
Script: Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett and Keith Giffen
He drew: Kev Walker, Renato Arlem
Format: Hardcover, 216pp
Price: € 18.00

After an initial prologue dedicated to Drax the destroyer, in which it was not until the end, and more in the closing One-Shot, when we saw how the Annihilating Wave began, we get fully into the arc of the devastation of the universe at the hands of the villain Annihilus. This time we go to a compilation volume of the four issues of the Nova and Silver Surfer series dedicated to the event. That is, we are before an atom that is actually divided into two halves, with protagonists framed in different places but who face the same situation: the destruction of everything known at the hands of what for many is a new unknown threat.

Nova has been one of the characters who has first faced this new threat that seems to have left its usual territory of the Negative Zone to delve into the depths of space. Nova must face an extreme situation in which she has to draw out all that value she keeps inside, make critical decisions and overcome her fears, for the sake of something greater.

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Image from Annihilation: Nova comic # 2Image from Annihilation: Nova comic # 2The scriptwriters Dan abnett and Andy Lanning are in charge of this first part of the volume that focuses on the Nova richard rider, in addition to that on the way he runs into Drax and his new friend, Cammi. At the end we will also have the appearance of the superhero Quasar. Without a doubt an adventure that stands out mainly for the dynamics between the characters.

Placing as a backdrop this alien invasion that will end everything, we have an interesting development of Nova as a character. At the beginning of the comic, we come across a somewhat “newbie” Nova who must face a situation that is far beyond him. Something you’ve never faced before. Neither he nor anyone else. And to this is added the responsibility that he wants to carry on his shoulders the Xandarian Worldmind. Richard is forced to step forward, and become the hero he should be.

The rest of the characters also have their moment in these numbers, but they continue to be a resource for Richard’s indirect development, giving him subliminal messages and ideas for that change in mentality that Richard must face. It’s not a comic for these other characters to shine, so it makes sense that the focus is on Nova. Likewise, we are not facing numbers with an excessive load of action, which is mainly concentrated in the final numbers, being more of a trip inside Richard.

Image of Nova in Annihilation: Nova # 1 comicImage of Nova in the Annihilation comic: Nova # 1

On the side of the drawings, Kev walker handles all Nova numbers with ink from Rick magyar and color of Brian Reber. Simple and clean vignettes, where perhaps the empty backgrounds are abused, limiting themselves to placing a color gradient and ignoring any decorative element, but which enhances the characters and the action along the way. The faces take on special prominence in these vignettes, but I have to criticize that the correct point is not always found at the level of the anatomy of the bodies, especially with Drax, who at specific moments (eg # 3) is unbalanced. Small flaws, in my opinion, but they do not obscure the wonderful work done at all. The vignettes are perfectly constructed at the level of plane, story dynamics and impact, like those splash page of the last two issues.

Image of Silver Surfer and Galactus in Annihilation: Silver Surfer # 3 comicImage of Silver Surfer and Galactus in Annihilation: Silver Surfer # 3 comicThe another half of the comic takes us to Silver Surfer or Silver Wake, who runs into mass murder in the universe, which far exceeds what he did when he was Herald of Galactus. His function under Galactus was to fulfill a natural process of a being that existed in the universe. Here is malevolence. something he cannot consent to, and begins his crusade against Annihilus.

Keith giffen is in charge of writing these four numbers in which other cosmic entities also come into play, when seeing what happened, such as Terrax the Indomitable, Galactus or the Proemios. Besides, Thanos will be trying to take advantage of all this. Some numbers that give meaning to what is happening. Annihilus explains the reasons for his invasion of this universe, leaving the Negative Zone, and as in the simplest wars, it is a question of invasion of those who are their territories. The universe is expanding and that is invading the Negative Zone, and Annihilus cannot allow what are their domains, even though that is declaring war on universal balance. Along the way, he seeks to seize the cosmic power possessed by all who were once Heralds of Galactus.

These numbers advance more at the plot level. When you finished the four issues of Nova you were left with the feeling of emptiness at the main story level. The Nova arc was going well, but we really ended up not knowing too much about the event itself. These four Silver Surfer numbers know how to better balance the times. Again we have a character evolution (in fact, we might even see some developmental parallels between Nova and Silver Surfer), but we also have a better understanding of Annihilus’s intentions. In addition, there is room for other characters to come into play and take a card in this game that will determine the fate of the world.

At the drawing level, Renato arlmen with color of June chung, offers something very different. A more loaded drawing, in which the dark tone prevails and better conveys the context of the universe, where this second part of the story is fully situated. The color and appearance help to give more epicity to the story. The characters look spectacular, and I love how the faces are enhanced, an aspect that I often fixate on. The gestures of these are superb thanks to the great variety of expressions, something in which some cartoonists sometimes sin.

This first issue, preceded by the prologue, shows that we are at the beginning of something much bigger. Something that we still cannot fully understand and that is going to deal a serious blow to the stability of the universe. In addition, the narration of the story has dates, which emphasizes the idea of ​​how all these events occur in parallel. The scale of events will go up in future numbers.

Image of Silver Surfer in Annihilation: Silver Surfer # 4 comicImage of Silver Surfer in Annihilation: Silver Surfer # 4 comic