This Saturday, September 12 in Cannes, Virginie Hocq spoke at Annie Cordy’s funeral. The comedian struggled to hold back tears as he paid tribute to the artist.

It was a ceremony rich in emotions. This Saturday, September 12, relatives and admirers ofAnnie cordy gathered on the heights of Cannes to pay him a last tribute. A few days after the artist’s death, at the age of 92, the emotion was palpable. After his niece, Mimi, spoke, several other people praised the memory ofAnnie cordy. In particular Virginie Hocq, upset at the desk. “I rubbed shoulders with Annie, but I never dared to tell this great lady that I loved her very much, began the comedian, after having told a funny anecdote about their meeting. Out of modesty, out of fear of embarrassing, out of stupidity. You have to tell people that you love them. I never dreamed of saying to Annie, ‘Thank you. Thank you for what you have done in me, as a woman and a funny artist. “

Virginie Hocq continued by speaking for the last time to Annie Cordy and her niece : “Thank you for making me meet Michèle (Lebon, the artist’s niece, editor’s note), Mimi. So Mimi, I think it’s the right moment for my words to resonate even louder, longer, for you. to say that I love you. That I love you terribly, very much. To say thank you, thank you for having kept around Annie precious moments, made of gatherings, joy, birthday parties, thank you for having created wonderful encounters, close friendships with Annie “. Sobs in life, Virginie Hocq concluded his speech with poignant words. “We will take over with you. To continue to enjoy the coming day, launched, upset, the humorist. I love you, we love you. Thank you, Annie “. RTBF a few days after the announcement of the death ofAnnie cordy, her friend had already paid her a heartbreaking tribute.

Virginie Hocq: “She will always be there after all”

“It is a great chance for us to have lived all these moments and a great sadness because obviously, we never foresee it. We know that there will undoubtedly be an end at a time but nobody could imagine that confided Virginie Hocq. Whether it is the public with a close relative of his family, we can not imagine an end and yet it arrives but here we see that for the public, it will always be timeless and always present and it’s really nice. We have the impression that there will be no end. Yesterday we heard the Belgians sing Annie Cordy. She will always be there in the end. “The comedian continued:” And that’s why our job is magic and that’s why she chose it and she did it well. You will be able to watch the films and listen to the songs, you will be able to learn a lot more things because his life cannot be reduced to a few television appearances. It is something huge that she lived and as an artist I can say that I hope for that “.

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