This Saturday, September 12 in Cannes, many were to say goodbye to Annie Cordy. In tears, his niece paid him a heartbreaking tribute.

They came to say goodbye to Annie cordy. A few days after the artist’s death, at the age of 92, his friends rushed to pay him a final tribute. On the heights of the city of Cannes, many came to honor one last time the memory of the one who would have marked generations. At the desk, his niece paid him a touching tribute. Tears in my eyes and sobs in my voice, Michèle Lebon remembered the good times she shared with Annie Cordy, with which she lived for a long time. “My dear little mother,” she began, standing next to a portrait of the singer. Alone, made up, expertly disheveled, coiled in your little purple bathrobe, in front of the mirror of a dressing room, sharing a dish pasta with your dog or in the back of the car, legs outstretched, feet in the front seat, your dog on his knees, mumbling a text, crossing it out. “

“Or trembling and livid, just before entering the scene, then smiling and so available, dedicating again and again, with a word for everyone,” continued Michele Lebon, in tears. Here is a jumble, the images that scroll through my head. Passion is strength, that’s your motto. I make it mine now. You also say: ‘I am of today and of tomorrow’. “Overwhelmed by emotion, the niece ofAnnie cordy addressed the artist one last time: “You are my example of modesty, discretion, generosity. You amazed me with your wisdom, your common sense and your incredible lucidity. But you were wrong. You say to me: ‘You know Mimi, the main thing is to bring the characters to life while respecting the author’s intention, without ever lowering your guard, by polishing up until the last performance. We can always do better and better still ‘. Okay, but you’re wrong. “

Michèle Lebon: “It belongs to the public”

“You are wrong when you say, ‘These are the songs that will remain in the collective memory and the fictional characters that I served will be remembered. Not from me, not from the performer,’ continued Michele Lebon, on the verge of tears for this powerful and poignant speech. We are all there, here in the open air, all gathered. We will not forget you and we are very many. You will guide each of my steps, each of my actions. I hope to be worthy of your greatness of soul. ” A few hours after the news of Annie Cordy’s death, she had recounted her last moments. “She became uneasy around 6 pm. The firefighters arrived very quickly, tried everything to revive her, she confided to France Info. Annie loved the audience. It belongs to the public. We will try to allow those who wish to pay tribute to him. “

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