Anne Hathaway wears a quirky mask on the set of “WeCrashed”

Anne Hathaway is testing a new protection to leave the masks behind, today is the masks with stickers for her.

Now that he is filming the series “WeCrashed”Which will be broadcast on Apple TV, once again attracted attention, as he arrived at the recording set with a transparent mask full of stickers through which his face cannot be seen if it is seen from the front, but which leaves exposed her perfect skin.

It seems that Anne got tired of the friction and perspiration caused by face masks and opted for this ZShield “Wrap” mask that frees her face with Las Vegas stickers, a coffee maker and a trash can, among other images. As she walked in a blue Apiece Apart dress and silver Birkenstock sandals.

Ready to step into the role of Rebekah Neimann, WeWork’s Brand Director and wife of company CEO Adamn Neuman, whose role is played by Jared Leto, Anne promises to do another performance that she does not overlook as has happened in each of her choices.

It was recently announced that the lead actress who had been thought of for the role of Andy Sachs in “Devil Wears Prada” was Rachel McAdams, who refused to take the role three times. Fortunately, Meryl Streep had seen Anne in “Brokeback Mountain” and recommended her for the role, the rest is history.

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