Annacone: “Nadal has the ability to stay in the present”

Former tennis player and current coach and commentator, Paul annacone, he dedicated some nice words to Rafael Nadal. The American carried out an analysis of what he expects in that quarterfinal duel of Roland Garros 2021 in view of Diego schwartzman and spoke about knowing how to be Spanish in the present. Annacone is very surprised by how Nadal always manages to reach his highest level at this time of year.

How do you see Nadal vs Schwartzman?

I think conditions are going to be unfavorable for Schwartzman. If it’s hot and the ball bounces a lot, much better for Rafa. And Rafa does not need many benefits, as is. So I think it will be important from the beginning that Schwartzman finds a way. It seems crazy to find a way to maintain the service. I think he’ll probably find ways to get into subtraction games, but he’s going to have to work really hard, I think it’s a really difficult environment if it’s warmer and more lively.

On Nadal’s great ability to stay in the present

Annacone said he’s still impressed with how Nadal manages to peak at this time of year, every year. “Rafa is so amazing that he has a great ability to stay in the present. And I think deep down in your heart, on the rare occasions when you really have to dig deep, the experience of winning helps a lot, but you don’t have to. And yet it also stays in the moment. I think it has a lot of merit ”.

If you’re a coach, you think, ‘How do I teach someone to do that? How do I teach someone that the only thing that really matters is the next 10 seconds and then I do it over and over again? ‘ But if you start to lose, have the confidence to know that you’ve done all of this in the past. He achieves that balance quite magically. And it is quite amazing to see.

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