Anna Castillo: “I don’t know if I’m doing my dream career, but I think it’s close enough”

A few days ago, the fourth edition of What is coming was held in Tudela, the meeting between the film industry and Spanish series and specialized journalists organized by the AICE (Association of Cinematographic Informants of Spain), the group behind the Feroz Awards . In that context, we had a brief encounter with Anna Castillo, and although it was too brief for our liking, we had time to record an “express” program of our podcast, Sesión quefa.

“What amused me the most [de pequeña] it was playing other people at home. I would take a glass and tell my mother that when I grew up I wanted to be a drug addict, a prostitute … terrifying moves because I saw them on TV and they seemed incredible characters, “the ‘Adú’ actress told us about her first games as an actress. Despite being a shorter chapter than normal, we had time to talk about her childhood, the dangerous label of “actress of the moment” (“it gives vertigo, because I have to live up to something”, she confesses) and your privilege in choosing roles. “I don’t know if I’m doing my dream career, but I think it’s pretty close to what I could ask for. A lot of. I’m very lucky, “he admits.

Here’s the whole conversation, in which We also talked about ‘Life was that’, a beautiful film starring alongside Petra Martínez (‘La que se avecina’) that will hit theaters next summer.

You have the complete conversation in Sesión golfa, now available on Spotify, iVoox and Apple Podcasts.

“You have to give space to things”

The beloved Susana Romero from ‘The Call’ was one of the most important roles of Anna Castillo’s career. A summer camp that lasted several years and went from theater to cinema, giving him a family from which he has distanced himself a bit professionally.. “It has happened to all of us, to Belén, to Maca, to Gracia … after working all the time together and with the Javis, each one has been doing her own thing,” he says.

But that does not mean that their paths cannot converge again: “Now we are each in a place, and surely we will get together again. But you do have to give space to things, and it happens in a very natural way. “

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