A few days ago we announced that the canals of Venice, Italy, were overflowing with crystalline waters due to human inactivity and this had caused some animal species to return, also on a dolphin that had returned to the southern coasts of that country. Well, it was all a sad lie.

Animals are real and are found in the places where it is said, but not because of the triumph of animal life over humans. According to an investigation by the National Geographic site swans in viral posts regularly appear on Burano channels, a small island in the Venice metropolitan area where the photos were taken.

The “Venetian” dolphins were filmed in a port in Sardinia, in the Mediterranean Sea, hundreds of kilometers away.

No one has figured out where the drunk elephant photos come from, but a Chinese news report discredited viral posts: While the elephants recently arrived at a village in Yunnan province, China, their presence is not out of the norm, no. The elephants in the viral photos were not drunk or passed out in a tea field.

“The phenomenon highlights just how fast dazzling rumors can spread and too good to be true in times of crisis. People are forced to share posts that excite them. When we feel stressed, happy pictures of animals can be an irresistible ointment, “explains the site about this case.

The spread of social phenomena is so powerful, according to 2016 research, that it can follow the same models that track the spread of epidemics.

Sad news indeed, but what it is not a lie is that the levels of air pollution fell in China and in most of Europe because of the pandemic.