The islands not so deserted from Animal Crossing: New Horizons they do not stop growing and transforming thanks to the hundreds of thousands of players who have already decided to populate one. In addition, the game also continues to grow thanks to the various updates that are released periodically with the aim of adding new elements, but as with all games, it always escapes the odd little bug, and now the new version 1.3.1 is in charge of correcting those that were still present in the previous versions.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has already reached its new 1.3.1 update to fix bugs

Bug fix for Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 1.3.1:Fixed a bug that prevented players from crossing the Zen and Red Zen bridges. Fixed a bug that prevented the swimsuit from being available for sale in the Tendo and Nendo store. Fixed a bug that allowed Hermit crabs appearing in places other than the beach. Fixed a bug that caused the speech bubble to not display correctly in dialogues with island residents.

Therefore, it is more than clear to us that those in charge of Animal Crossing: New Horizons continue to work very hard so that the lives of those who have decided to move to these not-so-deserted islands are the best possible, since they correct the errors detected by the community as soon as possible, something that is highly appreciated, especially if we compare it with other titles that take eons to correct bugs of some importance. And you, have you experienced any of these errors present in previous versions? Well, that is completely over as soon as you have downloaded 1.3.1!

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