How are you doing with your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Well, maybe like us. With the 10 neighbors already installed in their 10 plots with their 10 little houses. With the neighborhood management center presiding over the island, the museum, the Little Handy Sisters store, the Mini Nook and the camping area. And outside of it, you may have beautiful flower gardens of all colors, playgrounds with swings and children’s games, or you may even have set up a landfill filled with garbage bags and buckets. The possibilities to decorate your island in this Animal Crossing, if not infinite, are enormous … but not instead the space where you can unleash your ideas.

Just imagine: place silo, lighthouse, breakwater, place the giant robot next to the “Godzilla”, the wind power mill, the solar panels, the satellite dish, fruit forests, palm trees … and sooner than later you will see how you don’t have a single corner where you can create new projects, forcing you to withdraw those that do not convince you. The thing is tightening more and more with each new player who joins Animal Crossing: New Horizons within the same console, because imagine having all 8 Nintendo Switch users that this video game allows … where would you put them and their ideas? And added to that, There should be new stores to install on your island.

Nintendo, what do you have planned to solve this?

And we wonder … what does Nintendo have in mind to solve this problem? And it is that after a few weeks since the game went on sale, there are users who have no holes for new ideas, so they are forced to better manage the space, move areas, restructure them … or eliminate them to leave spaces for the new. Even a tool such as terrain alteration, one of the great novelties of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, could be completely relegated to oblivion, because when you already think that an area is perfect, you may not want to touch it anymore.

An image of the NextN Island fair, before growing, and growing, and growing with more attractions. Luckily, we were able to take other things to another area, and we planned to move it even from place. Now we have to choose the site

The question is We highly doubt that Nintendo does anything about it, with the video game that has had the best launch on Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing is a franchise created to retain its audience for many months, even years, so Kyoto must already have gotten to work with some recipes to apply in the future. Or … what if they had them planned beforehand?

The mysterious little island north of the Dodo Airlines map

After reflection, it’s time to speculateWell, today, before traveling (oooagain) to one of the mini islands with Dodo Airlines, we have stopped to take a look at the map on one of the walls of the dodo Rafa’s office. A map, which does not have the shape of the island that we chose for NextN, but is a generic drawing that shows an island with a different layout from ours… and to the north of it, a small island, about a quarter the size of the main island, within its waters.

Of course, we could think that it is one of the mini islands that can be visited precisely with Dodo Airlines (if you look, it has a hydroport), but we are very surprised by the detail that it is precisely within the shallow waters of the main island. In fact, being there, due to its proximity it should be seen from our island. That is, it is not a distant island, because it would not have been drawn so close, nor so large. Do you know another rather curious detail? At least for the moment, none of the mysterious mini islands that we can visit with Dodo Airlines has a river that flows into the southern part of the island, as seen in the map image.

It is VERY close, and within the shallow waters of the main island

On the other hand, the island layout on the Dodo Airlines wall map may not ring a bell at all. At first, the game allows you to choose between four island designs, but in reality, the arrangement and form in which the rivers appear, the position of the jetty (which still have no function, beyond fishing), and other small details they are random between different possibilities.

These are the 4 possibilities that came up for us. It would be a great coincidence if two players had exactly the same results. Well they are somewhat random!

So the Dodo Airlines map cannot belong to our island, since the arrangement of the islands is somewhat random (of course, unless one is generated exactly the same as the one on the map). But will the northern island we highlight make any sense? As we said at the beginning, with the passage of time, our main island could become small. It would not be strange if Nintendo has devised a way to expand the game map, so that we have more space to install neighbors (hopefully), shops, etc., or just so that we can unleash the function of altering the terrain, without worrying so much about the space. Of course, this is pure speculation of ours, there is no official confirmation, and this map could simply be an illustration that must necessarily make no sense, but we cannot deny the fact that we want to have more terrain to expand our game, and how curious the map is.

By the way, and since we are talking about the north, don’t you find it curious that, unless you use bait, no fish appear to the north of any island? This detail could not mean anything, or a decision by Nintendo for some type of issue (the truth is that there is less visibility).

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And what is the jetty for? Much remains to be discovered!

We have talked about the jetty, and commented that for now it only serves to fish for fish that appear in that area (or near the hydroport). The point is that we miss our good friend the Captain, the sea singer, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf He took us in his boat to Tortimer Island, a meeting point for players where we could enjoy mini-games. This is something that we miss a lot from minute zero of playing New Horizons, but we would not give up on his return, or a new system that will take this jetty as an exit point, It is one of the most mysterious elements on the island.

And is that Nintendo plans future updates that will incorporate innovations in terms of gameplay mechanics, as well as elements (And we want to swim again! That we are on a paradisiacal island …). As Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most successful game of the moment on the Nintendo Switch, do not doubt that there is a long list of news to come, some of them imminent. We must not forget that at the end of April, with the arrival of the event on Earth Day, starring the lazy Gandulio, Nintendo is planning to release a new update that will incorporate new features what we are playing these days. What will it be about? We are eager to know!

All that said, we’d love to hear your suspicions and theories! Share them with us in the comments or on our Discord channel.