Animal Crossing: New Horizons confirms the content of its next update. White Christmas and others!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons It has allowed us for a few months to be able to move to a desert island where we can forget the current situation that the entire planet is going through and thus create our own paradise. Something that characterizes this installment of Nintendo Switch is that not all events and features were inside the cartridge since launch, but have been added later thanks to various updates, and now we know what will arrive next November 19, 2020, along with the next one to be released. Various festivities and many new features!

Turkeys and reindeer in Animal Crossing: New Horizons November 19, 2020 update


Elements of the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons free update:

Turkey Day Event (November 26) Toy Day Event (December 24) Get new items with Nook miles: Thrills and Activities Card (9 emotions total): 2,700 miles Card of 6 Revolutionary Hairstyles (6 hairstyles total): 1,800 miles Expand your home storage room to 2,400 items (previous maximum was 1,600) Save data transfer will also be available


In addition, in the video in which this new version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been confirmed it has also been reported that the next update is scheduled for the end of January 2021, so we will have content for a while, to enjoy! of this second (or third) life in the paradise desert islands!


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