Anguiano and Logroñés B do not find the goal and divide the points (0-0)

04/04/2021 at 11:27 PM CEST

The start of the Second Phase of the Third Division ended with a zero draw between the Anguiano and the Logroñés B in the duel held this Sunday in the Anguiano Island. With this result obtained at the end of the match, the teams remain in third and sixth position respectively.

During the first period of the game none of the players managed to score, so during the first 45 minutes the scoreboard did not move from the initial 0-0.

In the second half both the Anguiano and the Logroñés B They were able to take the victory but finally, the points were distributed between both teams (0-0).

The technician of the Anguian, Adrián Gallego, gave entry to the field to Iñigo and Duce replacing Nacho Elijah and Crossbowman, while on the part of the Logroñés B, Josean Garcia replaced The sorrow, Aitor Añibarro and Blackberry by Bertino, Konan and Ruiz.

The referee gave a yellow card to William, Crossbowman, Hector, Moha, Joto, Medrano and Guillermo Cabrera by the local team already Victor pradas, Ochoa and Juanjo by the team from Logroño.

At the moment, the Anguian and the Logroñés B each managed to add a point to their boxes after the start of the Second Phase of the Third Division.

During the next round, the second of the Second Phase of Third Division, the Anguian will play his match against him Racing Rioja at home. For his part, Logroñés B will play in his stadium his match against him Alfaro.

Data sheetAnguiano:Pinillos, Álvaro Garcia, Urrecho, Guillermo, Nacho Elías (Iñigo, min.60), Ballestero (Duce, min.74), Medrano, Guillermo Cabrera, Joto, Héctor and MohaLogroñés B:Victor Pradas, Sergio, Ochoa, Victor, Marauri, Dulce, Ruiz (Mora, min.81), Juanjo, Antonio Jesus, Konan (Aitor Añibarro, min.71) and Bertino (Lapeña, min.71)Stadium:Anguiano IslandGoals:0-0