Illan Castrono violently clashed Eddy and Océane, after watching the last episodes of Angels. The Lyonnais did not mince words with his former roommates, who allowed themselves to severely punish his prank with Chani.

Since the date of the replay last July, the twelfth season of Angels is talking. Viewers had the pleasure of rediscovering the adventures of Sarah Lopez and Jonathan Matijas, Virgil Tayoum, Hagda Prata and Sofiane Tadjine, who all flew to Hong Kong.

But currently, it is other candidates who are at the center of a love triangle which caused a real general conflict between all the candidates.

One more prank

Illan is known for his flirtatious side and has often been tackled by his ex-girlfriends who accused him of infidelity. And while he was in a relationship with Yumee during the filming of Angels 12, the ex of Victoria Mehault did not hesitate to cheat on the DJette several times with Chani, found in 10 Perfect Couples 3.

The information, revealed in the episode of September 14 at breakfast in the presence of all the candidates, had the effect of a bomb and earned a flood of reproaches to Chani, from the other inhabitants of the villa . Provocative, the young woman did not let it go while Illan will be forgiven by the pretty Brazilian and will leave the adventure with the latter.

The love story between Illan and Yumee will not last after the shooting, which did not prevent the young man from reacting when he watched the last episodes of the flagship program of the TNT channel.

Indeed, in the previous episodes, some candidates have been accused of having gone too far after learning of Illan and Chani’s misstep. Eddy, Océane, Sarah Lopez and Jonathan Matijas, among others, have seen fit to punish young people by leaving a dog kennel in their room, in addition to signs with insulting inscriptions. Behavior that has not been validated by Internet users, quite the contrary. Many were disappointed with Océane, whose return was eagerly awaited, and denounce unjustified harassment, especially towards Chani, despite his deviation. One internet user tweeted:

I don’t like Chani but it makes you vomit the relentlessness against her. To vomit Jonathan, Océane, Eddy and co.

“People have seen your real faces! “

Attacked from all sides, Chani spoke up and made her mea culpa on social networks. If Illan received much less criticism than the young woman, he also did not fail to react. On Snapchat, the candidate spoke directly to Océane and Eddy, who were intractable and violently criticized the culprits:

The Océane, Edy who complain of receiving death threats in relation to what they did to us in Les Anges, had to think before! You did everything to get Chani and me out. Océane, you look good because in season 11, people liked you. This year, you took the big head and showed your true face! (…)

Angry, he added:

You were doing the stars and the stars in the program, but I prefer to leave with my head held high and be in tune with myself. I regret that I apologized, I should have insulted you all!

Finally, he called the entire cast of this season “puppets” and “opportunists”:

Apart from Seb and Hagda, the whole cast of Angels, I can’t see you. You take yourself for stars (…) but you are nobody! (…) Me, I am myself, I do not lie to have followers.

He then promised revelations that could turn out to be crisp:

I was discreet on the networks because I was in a relationship with Victoria but now I’m going to start talking.

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