Angers the population announcement that it disdains the flyers of Papantla

XALAPA, Veracruz

A commercial for a pawn company generated criticism and even the claim of Governor Cuitláhuac García, who demanded to suspend it because it alluded to the Voladores de Papantla and their ritual, in a manner considered derogatory.

The ritual of the flyers, which worships the sun from the four cardinal points and the request that it allow the rain, was declared by Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.

The loan company, through the conductor Arath de la Torre, spread a message in which the pre[1]sitter questions:

“Do you know what the number of laps that Papantla fliers make and your first loan have in common? The answer is: 0 interest ”.

At the same time, the animated image of a dancing flyer appears on the screen, which is practically crushed by figures from the commercial itself.

In social networks, they assured that it was a lack of respect for the Totonac culture, so they had to withdraw the commercial.

In an interview for a local media, Governor Cuitláhuac García made his displeasure public and warned that he would seek legal ways for the advertisement to be withdrawn because he considered it regrettable, in the case of cultural heritage.

The governor recalled that both the state and federal governments are trying to vindicate indigenous peoples.

The claim was soon addressed and the pawn company issued a statement in which, in addition to offering apologies, they specified that they are proud of Mexican traditions and that they work to enhance them.

Given this, they indicated that they were supposedly already working to eliminate the spot from all possible media and demarcated the presenter of the commercial with the concept they handle.

The origins

The ritual of the voladores de Papantla began as a ceremony in pre-Hispanic times, which had to do with a rite aimed at asking for rain due to a long period of drought.

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