Angels and positive affirmations

In such a hectic world, in which the ego or mind takes power over our actions and feelings most of the time, the angels of God send a message through which they want to help us awaken our consciousness and thus be able to use our mind in a beneficial way and not contrary to what is best for our spiritual growth and as human beings.

Positive affirmations are phrases that when repeated generate a change in our subconscious mind, thus breaking negative mental patterns that perhaps have been in us for many years. By repeating them continuously, at least three times a week for five minutes each time, you will even achieve, without realizing it, a change in your thoughts, being able to attract what your heart really wants.

Work with your guardian angels and the following archangels for affirmations:

Archangel Michael, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Jeremiel and Archangel Uriel (obviously, if there are any you want to include in the list, you can).

Here are some statements recommended by the angels for the different aspects:

Material: “I am the source of my abundance”, “My life flows in abundance”. Emotional: “I love myself”, “I accept and love myself as I am”, “true love is in my life and remains”. Health: “My body, mind and spirit are healthy and work perfectly”, “Perfect health is constantly expressed in me”, “I am healthy and I feel healthy at all times”. Spiritual: “Faith is constantly manifested in my life”, “I have faith, I believe and I live that way”.

The fundamental thing for these affirmations to be effective is that little by little, as you repeat them, you believe they are true. This is what is known as faith and as the Bible defines it: it is the certainty of what has not yet been seen. Therefore, even if your physical eyes have not seen what you want, if you believe that it already exists for you, rest assured that you will manifest it.

* Ana Mercedes Rueda is a bestselling writer, spiritual coach and expert on the subject of love and relationships. Acquire your books here. Connect with Ana on social networks: @anamercedesrueda.