Angelique Boyer shows off her attributes in a micro swimsuit

Angelique boyer She showed off her body on social networks when she was seen in a tiny multicolored two-piece swimsuit in purple tones, wearing a perfect tan and with the sea in the background while posing leaning on a yacht.

The actress of Televisa he is taking some time to relax between the recordings of his new soap opera project,Overcome the Past , where you will share a screen with your partner, Sebastián Rulli, Érika Buenfil and Horacio Pancheri, among others.

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“To rest: Bonne nuit”, Angelique posted with the photo gallery.

Boyer has just finished his participation in the telenovela ‘Imperios de Mentiras’, his most recent leading role in the Televisa melodramas.

Angelique will share a painting for the fourth time with Sebastián Rulli, whom she met when they starred in the remake of the telenovela Teresa, beginning a sentimental relationship that has lasted to this day.

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