Angelique Boyer could have been Bibi Peluche and not Regina Blandón | Instagram

The beautiful actress Angelique Boyer through an interview announced that she does not regret that Regina Blandón has won her role to play Bibi P. Luche.

It was when he was nine that Boyer auditioned for the role of « The Weird Girl », recalled the anecdote after a controversy between his fans and the series occurred.

It is always gratifying to listen to a celebrity tell some of their anecdotes from when they were younger and even when they were their beginnings in their career.

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Currently Angelique Boyer is a couple of also actor Sebastián Rulli with whom she starred in two soap operas « What life stole from me » and « Teresa » It was precisely because of this last leading role that Angelique was recognized throughout Mexico as her participation was a complete success.

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Despite the fact that today she is an actress consecrated in soap operas at the beginning of his career it was not exactly in the soap operas that he began to work, they were different projects one of them was to become Bibi P. Luche.

In his interview in The channel of the stars, He stated that he had done very badly because his nerves won and he could not concentrate.

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« I was very nervous, very nervous and I remember that I had not even understood the situation for sure, » she shared.

It was then that the adorable Angelique lost « a battle » against Regina that although it was widely stated that Brazier He had stolen the role from Boyer, he also commented in the transmission of a program that in fact he had not stolen it but rather won the casting.

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When the whole conflict began that Regina had taken the role of Bibi from Boyer, she commented with relief that she did not remember that anecdote until she heard the rumors and as always she answered in the most sublime way clarifying any doubts.

« Name, on the contrary. How nice that she did Bibi, « she acknowledged, » because no one but her could have made him such a father, « Angelique said.

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