Angélica Rivera will explode on TV with former president

Angélica Rivera will explode on TV with former president | Facebook

A new news could shake the tranquility of the former Mexican president after the one who was his wife at some point, the actress, Angélica Rivera, announced her most recent plans to bring her past marriage to the screen, it could leave the former president very badly!

In recent days the former television interpreter, Angelica RiveraHe announced that he has a new project in hand that would bring to light various details of his ex-marriage with the former president of Mexico.

The news has undoubtedly captured everyone’s attention at a time when many figures have decided to expose many of the secrets on the screen through various productions “Seagull“It has decided not to be left behind, apparently, Angélica Rivera Hurtado, would take this opportunity to launch a” strong bomb, “they say.

Sources very close to her tell me, is that she is preparing a mega project that includes a book and something that could be an autobiographical series or reality, said the presenter, Juan Manuel Cortés.

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As revealed by the medium Suelta la Sopa, the one remembered by novels like “Distilling love”, one of her last projects on screen before becoming the first lady of Mexico, would reveal details that no one imagines.

The past marriage he had with the former leader and representative of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), was not exempt from innumerable crises, they say, which would end with a broken heart, that of the screen star herself.

Now, Angélica Rivera is willing to tell more details of what was her relationship behind closed doors, although since the middle of the six-year term that she remained with the current partner of the model Tania Ruiz, rumors of a strong tension accompanied them until the end of their fleeting marriage.

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Same that ended shortly after the end of the political period of the former president. “Now she’s going to tell everything!”

What many do not imagine. Instead of what everyone thinks that there was a contract where everything had been staged, the former president of Mexico himself broke her heart, she cried for him until the last day. They assured.

The moment that book comes out, that reality or series will be explosive and will leave everyone speechless, added the presenter

The endearing of remembered melodramas such as “La Dueña”, “Mariana de la noche”, “Sin Sin Conceido”, among many others, would return to television but not before revealing to everyone their version of events, which they will assure, would translate autobiographical book.

As is known, for months it has been ensured that Angélica Rivera planned her return to the small screen, however, until today it has been something that has unleashed various rumors without knowing for sure how and when it would happen?


Apparently, the 51-year-old former actress plans a whole series of strong revelations to make her triumphant return to the screens, much of it would be promoted by the feelings that the Mexican lawyer and politician will provoke after he was “unfaithful” to her. with a model, they say.

What would represent a tough g0lp3 for the former winner of the contest, the “face of the Herald” in 1987, after making their separation known to everyone, the histrionic manifested through a message on social networks.

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I deeply regret this painful situation for me and for our children. For this reason I have made the decision to divorce. To my husband, I always lovingly gave my time and effort to fulfill as a wife, partner and mother. Today all my energy, strength and love is focused on my work to continue being a good mother, to recover my life and my professional career, “she wrote.

Later, the former Mexican president also took up his social networks to dedicate a few words to his former partner, after confirming that they were officially separated: “Thank you very much.”

“I want to thank Angélica for having been my partner, wife and friend for more than 10 years and for giving her love, time and dedication to our family. Today our marriage has legally concluded, I hope that you always go well and that you succeed in everything you undertake. Angelica, thank you very much for everything, “he concluded in his message.

The 54-year-old former president who until today maintains a relationship with the Potosi model, with whom he has not escaped endless rumors among those who assure himself it would be a courtship to hide his “true preferences”, something of which they also pointed out since his marriage with the wife of producer José Alberto “El Güero” Castro.

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This would not be the only thing since apparently a strong scandal has arisen that now directly targets the former president who they claim refuses to recognize a child whom he procreated with an employee during his presidential term while he was still legally attached to Angélica Rivera .