Angela Merkel asked Alberto Fernández for “a clear political signal” to regain the trust of her creditors

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, asked President Alberto Fernández that Argentina « launch a clear political signal » destined to regain the confidence of its international creditors and market players, to thereby fulfill the agreement closed in September.

This was requested by the official, through a recorded message, in her participation in the 26th Industrial Conference organized by the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA), where he gave his impressions on the Argentine economy and the country’s relationship with international markets.

Merkel pointed out that the coronavirus pandemic hit Argentina « in an economic situation that is already very tense. » So « now, it is really important to regain confidence with international creditors and market players. « 

In his opinion, in order for « the agreement to be put into practice as intended », Argentina is required to send out a clear political signal.

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The Executive Power recently extended the 2020 Moratorium to December 15 through Decree 966/2020, now, the AFIP modified the regulations through General Resolution 4873 to adapt the provisions to that extension.

« As economic partners, we also share our experiences, whether in the field of dual vocational training or in the fields of innovation and digitization”Added the official.

On the other hand, the current head of the European bloc defended multilateralism in trade negotiations and declared herself open to trade agreements; clearly reaffirmed his country’s position in favor of the European Union-Mercosur Agreement; and remarked that « the problem of the Amazon and give an answer to the defense of the tropical forest, before closing the agreement « .

« Argentina is a highly appreciated partner by Germany, both in the G-20 and bilaterally« Said the chancellor. And in that sense he added: “The relationships we cultivate are multifaceted, something that you, the President, emphasized in a particular way during your visit to Germany at the beginning of the year. At that meeting, we still could not imagine that, shortly after, the Covid-19 pandemic would face us in Argentina, in Germany and around the world to a great challenge, also economically ”.

The German official said: « As business partners we share many changes in the fields of the Argentine-German Chamber of Commerce because we consider that free trade is essential for the recovery of the world economy.  »

« I assure you: We hope that cooperation with Argentina will be close. And we also advocate for it within the European Union”, He emphasized.