Angela and Aneliz Aguilar’s attractive vacations in Miami

The attractive vacations of Angela and Aneliz Aguilar in Miami | INSTAGRAM

In recent weeks, we have seen how the Aguilar Dynasty has captured the attention of the entertainment media due to the constant activity that its members have had on social networks, which do not go unnoticed by its thousands of followers, who always show themselves to the pending their activities.

Through their social networks, Pepe Aguilar and all her children have shared an immense amount of photos and videos of the spectacular vacations they had after a year full of lots of work and presentations, as well as the isolation due to the global health contingency.

It should be remembered that the first destination that the Aguilar Dynasty had was the spectacular continent of Europe, where they toured the beautiful streets of Spain and France; coupled with the fact that the young women Angela and Aneliz They shared images of the purchases they made, and they looked totally happy, content and very beautiful, as is their custom.

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Now, and after their journey through the “old continent”, the singers made a stop at United States Well, Pepe Aguilar and his children, Angela and Leonardo, who had a collaboration in the recently happened “Premios Juventud 2021”.

In the great event, one of the most anticipated in 2021, where the talented Angela made a spectacular participation by taking the stage and singing her latest single “There where they see me”, one of her hits this year.

Now, away from the stage, the interpreter of “Como la flor” and “Tell me how you want” has shared images showing her good taste for fashion with spectacular outfits that show that she has one of the best bodies this year.

In addition to the charming and charismatic Ángela, another member of the Aguilar family who has been quite active in social networks is Aneliz, the interpreter’s eldest daughter. who has declared herself an expert in fashion and that is demonstrated in each of the publications on her Instagram profile, where she shares her best images wearing the best brands.

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The aforementioned young woman has squandered her vast talent in her publications modeling spectacular outfits that do not go unnoticed by anyone, adding thousands of likes on her digital platform, where her fans leave her the most beautiful comments stating that she is a true queen of fashion.

Ángela Aguilar continues to captivate her admirers not only with her great talent and her simplicity, but also with her beauty; This was made clear after appearing on social networks wearing a beautiful white dress with which she wore her spectacular figure, which her followers frequently flatter in each of her publications.

It is worth mentioning that the Premios Juventud gala was worthy of the award in the category Best mariachi-ranchera song thanks to its song “Tell me how you want”, which he interprets as a duet with Christian Nodal; Both celebrated this recognition with great enthusiasm and thanked the public for the success that the song has achieved.

It was precisely during this musical ceremony, where Angela was wearing a beautiful white dress with which she wasted elegance and style, this time the style she chose made her win the recognition of her 6.5 million followers on Instagram, who fell in love with the beauty of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, as well as the outfit she wore.

He monopolized the spotlight not only of the press during the awards ceremony but also among his millions of followers on Instagram, where he shared a photograph of that night in which he is seen wearing the beautiful white maxi dress, consisting of a corset and a princess skirt, which stood out for being embroidered with yellow and orange flowers.

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