Angela Aguilar’s dress imposes fashion and it belonged to her grandmother!

Angela Aguilar’s dress imposes fashion and it belonged to her grandmother! | Instagram

The young singer Ángela Aguilar shared a Photo with which he managed to impact his followers because he used a dress that will surely begin to become fashionable, the surprising thing is that this garment belonged to her grandmother.

Currently, thanks to technology, it is easier for big brands and especially celebrities of entertainment and music to stand out on social networks, either by sharing content from their projects or personal things as it happens continuously on Instagram.

It is precisely for this reason that the stars have become great influencers, not only for sharing their lifestyle and projects, but also for the fact that they manage to exert great influence among their followers who on many occasions are aware of each publication that is published. does on social media.

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The same thing happened a few weeks ago with Angela Aguilar, the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty, one of the best-known families and also representative of Mexican regional music, that is why it has also become a popular star, because it continues with the legacy of his father Pepe and his Grandpa Antonio Aguilar, performing songs from the regional mexican music.

A few weeks ago she shared a photo on her official Instagram account where she is shown in an unusual outfit in her, because we have constantly seen her wear tight clothes, but at the same time comfortable, in this case she definitely called comfort, because she wore put on a loose dress.

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This beautiful and colorful piece of clothing is inherited from her grandmother, although she did not specify which of the two, if the mother or father, the dress is quite striking to look at, it is long with a great fall, wide sleeves and of various colors, Among the colors we find orange, which is the dominant one, yellow, green and blue, in which each color coincides is that it has white polka dots, we see this from head to toe.

This dress belonged to my grandmother, “Aguilar wrote.

The publication was made on April 25, until today it has 808,512 red hearts and comments where they tell her that with any outfit she looks more than beautiful, the total of comments were 2,961 also until this May 13.

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Today the singer and performer of “Tell me how you want“She has short hair, but in the photo she was wearing it long and she was also wearing it loose, to draw even more attention the young singer is not wearing shoes, so she gives her an even fresher image and also a countrywoman because of the type of place where it is.

The image was taken on a rather rustic and old road, she indicates that it is in Los Angeles, California, United States that is precisely the place of her birth, around we find green foliage and also a beautiful sunset behind her.

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Backlighting with Angela, the singer’s daughter Pepe Aguilar managed to highlight her beauty despite the fact that it is not a typical outfit for her, but it could undoubtedly become fashionable this summer, something retro could not be missing in today’s fashions.

There is no doubt that with his short 17-year-old granddaughter of the Charro de México, Don Antonio Aguilar has managed in a short time to become a celebrity, singer and now also an influencer, due to his excellent taste for fashion and clothing is immediately noticeable so it could easily impose fashion in a future that apparently is not too distant.

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